Out My Windows

The West Window

Each window in my studio has so much potential.  From my west window, the one in front of my computer, I can watch the dogs in their fenced in area.

The North Window

Simon lets me know when the donkeys are in the north pasture by braying hello.  Sometimes to Fanny and Lulu, sometimes (around feeding time) to me, he looks right in my window.  The sheep are quieter, but I catch their movement out of the corner of my eye as they silently pick through the snow for leftover grain.

The South Window

There are four windows  on the south side.  From them  I see the chickens (although lately, unless the sun comes out,  they stay in the coop)  Minnie and Flo and the chickadees, sparrows, nuthatches, and cardinals at the  feeder.  Sometimes I even get a glimpse of Jon and Red heading out to the pasture to take a photo or do some sheep herding.  In the spring,  the lilac bush that grows in front of the first window will fill my studio with it’s  heavy sweet fragrance,  green leaves and purple flowers.

16 thoughts on “Out My Windows

  1. What beautiful things to see out your windows! And that fabulous chicken with the funny feet must make you laugh every time you see her. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your window views! You always have company while you are working. I love to look out the window when I work in my home office, but my views aren’t nearly as endearing as yours! I love that each window has it’s own inhabitants!!

  3. Dogs to the west
    To the north are sheep
    Southbound struts chicks
    With spats on feet.

    But wait for spring
    When the lilacs bloom
    This school house of yore
    Will be truly Maria’s room.

  4. I love this photo of the chicken. Her feet look like she is wearing fuzzy flipflops or Uggs that extend out. This is a unique shot of one of your chickens. She is on a fashion parade and doesn’t even know it.
    Maybe she could be a model for a potholder, or a pillow.
    The views you have outside of your window are like welcome windows on the world. We should all take better looks outside of our own windows; you never know what you will see out there.

  5. The feather patterns on this chicken always call to me when I see it’s picture. Don’t know what I want to make with it, nor do my talents feel adequate to attempt.I do quilt and do handwork. Maybe someday:)

  6. Maria, would you believe that yesterday I found a picture of a quilt that gives me an idea on how to accomplish the feather pattern!? Awesome.

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