January Snake

Last weekend I was snowshoeing with Mandy through two feet of snow,  this weekend I opened the windows to let the warm breeze in and we’re slogging through mud to feed the animals.   It’s so warm this snake came out to sun himself on the back porch. (It looks pretty beautiful against the red slate)  Flo was sleeping on the rocker a few feet away, but they  didn’t seem to notice each other.

14 thoughts on “January Snake

  1. Hi Maria,
    How unusual to see a snake in the dead of Winter. Snakes signify tansformation, as well as good health ( snakes intertwined on the symble for medicine) I think this snake is a good omen. There’s a wonderful book called Animal Speaks which discribes the meaning and symbles of animal appearences. Tess

  2. What a lovely color on your snake. The rounded head indicates it’s harmless. My oldest boy loves to catch snakes. When he was about 9, he brought a particularly long snake to me – the length of my son! Holding it by it’s tail keeping the head propped away from him, (with a stick) as he proudly presented it. I was horrified (had him put it down and stepped him away from it), and so amazed at his skill and confidence. I called our neighbor who had grown boys and he immediately said, look at the head – is it rounded – and yes it was… just a common corn snake.

  3. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! It’s been several days since I’ve checked-in on FullMoonFiberArt and now I’m falling into these beautiful photos, these wonderful stories, this fantastic art work. What a feast. Thank you so much, Maria!

  4. I think one reason the photo of the snake is so stunning is that it is a reflection of your streaming pillows–the same gentle curves wrapping and flowing up and around each other. That, and the pale color against the red textured background…. you could have stitched that image!

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