The Place I Call Home

It was as if the tree stand was made for me.  I passed four others as I walked through the woods behind our house yesterday, but never felt compelled to climb up any of the ladders,  until I saw this one.  A small piece of wood placed in the “Y” of a giant pine,  a simple wooden ladder leaning against the tree.  There was an even smaller piece of wood 2 feet below the seat to rest my feet. I felt whoever made this tree stand was just as  interested in being in nature,  as shooting a deer.  It was just too peaceful, too connected, too organic, for someones who’s sole purpose was just to fill the freezer  for the year or get the big buck.

I leaned back against the bark of the huge branch.  I became a part of the tree.    I could feel the energy surge through me,  I imagined the roots of the tree deep in the earth and the top most branches reaching out for the sky.     But the most amazing thing  was that nothing  happened.  It was enough just to be there.  I was comfortable and content in every way.  Not in the woods, but a part of  the woods.

After a while I heard some movement below me, I looked down to make sure Lenore was still there.  She had come with me into the woods,  sometimes leading the way, sometimes running off on her own agenda, but never out of site.   Of course she was still there.  After all, Lenore is a hunting dog, she knows how to wait.  But now she was standing,  looking around.  I took this as my sign that it was time to leave.  I climbed down the ladder and silently thanked the tree and the hunter who built the stand.   Then I followed Lenore back through the trees, knowing better the place I call home.

Lenore waiting beneath the tree stand


16 thoughts on “The Place I Call Home

  1. I needed to read this Maria. I was drawn to it for some reason. I kept reading it over and over. It spoke to me. Thank you.

  2. You are a wonderful writer Maria! I felt like you were inviting us up into the tree to witness what you were feeling and saw! Thank you! Love the heart potholders, too. No two alike, just like us 🙂

  3. These photos are gorgeous, love the black and white with Lenore. And I could feel the peace with you as you sat in the tree. Beautiful post, Maria.

  4. You have taken me with you, given me an experience. This, I think, is the highest compliment one can pay someone else’s writing. “The Place I Call Home” is more than lovely — it is exquisite. Thank you, Maria.

  5. I felt like I was in the quiet of the woods and up on that tree stand with you the way you described your experience there…I also loved your comment about “knowing better the place I call home”. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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