Strong Center/ Open Heart

strong center open heart

In my dream the alligators were made of  wood, painted a well worn green and standing upright on their hind legs.  They were in a circle and moving up and down like carousel horses.  The dream was a reminder of an experience I had during my Soul Retrieval that I had forgotten.

It was simple but powerful.  At some point during the ceremony, I saw an alligator slide into my body, they same way they slide off a riverbank into the water.  It easily fit inside of me, a glowing yellowish green light.  It wasn’t scary, it was actually so matter of fact, that I forgot all about it, until the dream I had the next morning.  Even when I first remembered it, it seemed almost incidental.  But as each day passed, I could see more clearly how important the vision really was.

I looked up the symbolism of the alligator.   I found it represents  maternal protection, the ability to survive, and primal energy.   I took it as strength and protection.  I imagined the alligator taking up the space in my body stretching between my sternum and bellybutton.  The place that felt solid and confident when I spoke to Carol (the Shaman) about the idea of  deserving  respect and loving kindness.   I saw it like a tattoo on my body and above the alligator, at my heart, a sun/flower.  My heart as open and expansive as the strength of the alligator.

This afternoon, I used my sewing machine to draw this symbol of a strong center and an open heart.  This piece is not for sale, it’s for me.  A reminder of my ability to protect myself and be open and loving at the same time.


11 thoughts on “Strong Center/ Open Heart

  1. Maria, I am so glad that you made this “just for you”…even though I’d be first in line if it were for sale…hope it’s hung in a place of prominence in your new studio!

    Kathleen : )

  2. Maria!

    Thank you for sharing this! I never knew what the alligator represented and I always feared them! Now I will embrace their existance and reflect on your beautiful piece! Which would make a fabulous tattoo!

    Love & Peace,

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