Kittens and Sprarkly Things

beads threaded on a straight pin and stuck in my window sash
Beads threaded on a straight pins  stuck in my window sash that sparkle in the sunlight.

I used to like dark things.  Horror books were my favorite, I wore black and maroon, dark green and brown.   I was drawn to dark, candle lit rooms and depressing music.  I think I stopped liking the darkness when I began to truly see it inside myself.  It wasn’t wasn’t the nasty stuff of horror movies, but the inauthentic life I was living.  The real horror that manifested in me and my relationships because I wasn’t being true to myself.

As I get closer and closer to my authentic self, I find I’m no longer drawn to dark things.  I like sparkly things and bright colors, sunlit restaurants, and yes, this year I’ve discovered that I even like kitten calenders. I think nothing is more sappy than a kitten calender and yet, this year that’s just what’s hanging in my studio.  I got it at a local pet food store, and it’s as awfully cute as you might imagine.  There’s no irony here, it’s just straight cute kittens that I’m drawn to.  I’m finding that what would have horrified me 10 years ago, (a kitten calender) is the real me.

The incredibly sappy kitten calender in my studio
The incredibly sappy kitten calender hanging in my studio


9 thoughts on “Kittens and Sprarkly Things

  1. I am so glad you kept the bell on the roof, it’s speaks highly roof a time gone by. We had a similar bell in our
    Backyard and it was used like a farmers’ bell, to send a call for dinner. So happy for you and Won, you both
    speak so realistically about love and life. Please keep up the excellent work.

  2. How wonderful to discover that what is at the core of you is filled with light, warmth…and the ability to take comfort in the adorability of kittens.

  3. I love this…as long as it makes you smile, who cares how “sappy” it is! (I also think you coined a new word, “sprarkly,” which sounds great when you say it aloud and seems like a word straight out of Lewis Carroll – your inner poet is shining through!)

    Kathleen M : )

  4. I am still guilty of dressing in dark colours – as I have since I moved out of my mother’s house. when I was in University there was a line from a song that I embraced “I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside”.
    But as I get older I find myself drawn to more feminine things, pinks and florals. I wonder if this is a common occurrence as people age? Is the next step kitten sweat shirts?

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