Magic at the end of the day

My studio at the end of the day
My studio at the end of the day

I know I’ve written about it before, but I can’t say how much I appreciate my studio.  I am grateful for it at different times for different reasons.  Today I was grateful for it at the end of the day.  Mostly because I knew I didn’t have to clean up my mess that comes from creating.  I know I can leave everything just as it is and it will be just where I left it when I come back to work tomorrow morning.   There are a couple of things I always do no matter how much I’m in a rush to leave my studio at the end of the day.  I turn off and cover my sewing machine (didn’t get to that yet in this photo)  and I empty the water from my iron.  (I actually read the directions when I got my new Shark iron and they said to empty the iron of water after each use). The last things I do is turn off the heat and lights.

At first I thought emptying my iron ever night would be a nuisance, but a few weeks ago I noticed something special that was happening as I poured the water from the iron into the cup.  (this is one of the cups I had hanging around with buttons in it.  I emptied it of buttons when I needed a place to pour my iron water).  It was faint, so faint, I wasn’t sure what I was hearing.  As I got closer, I realized, beneath the gurgling was the slightest chiming sound.  A delicate tinkle, like fairy dust.  It’s my music, my magic at the end of every day.

I recorded on a video.  You have to listen very carefully,  past the gurgle of the pouring water. But it’s there, I promise you.  I think it’s worth the time.  Let me know what you think.



44 thoughts on “Magic at the end of the day

  1. Like a diminutive town crier of old,
    sounding a gentle bell,
    crying “Oyez, oyez, oyez,
    time is nigh and all is well.

    Me thinks you have a magical cup!!

  2. I HEARD IT!!!! 🙂 What a delicate little “tink” ! 🙂 And to top it off, I’ve just recently started collecting that type of glassware because I recall that my grandma had a set just like that when I was little! I’m up to a tea cup and saucer, and a coffee and creamer set. 🙂 I’m ready for a spot of tea (she was from England)! Thank you for sharing! It was a great end to my day as well! 🙂

  3. Love your blog Maria..a mundane task turned magical. Makes me smile, so glad you write as well as create, it’s just great.

  4. Loved the little bell sounds, and even more, I love the studio. Nice to know that I have company in “mess making”. I am finally getting a bit of order back to my spaces, following the fall and holiday seasons…it is a nice beginning of “new creative messes”. Take care. We are doing well!jane

  5. Your end of the work day studio looks like my of the school day classroom – the creative process is messy! And yes, I did hear that faint chiming sound…delicate, but present.

  6. Maria, I love how you are so sensitive to Beauty in its many manifestatios. I never knew anyone who noticed much less could articulate the tinkling chiming like “fairy dust” of water being poured from an iron. You help me “see” and now “hear” the world in new and wonderful ways.

  7. I heard it! Such a nice soft tinkling sound. It’s a nice reminder to slow down and be aware of the unexpected. Thank you for posting this; I needed to pause for a moment and enjoy.
    And isn’t it great to be able to leave your work, ready for you for the next day!

  8. I heard it, Maria. Sounded like a teeny windchime. Do you remember that children’s story “The Borrowers?” Made me think of them.

    What a great way to end your creative days! Such peace.

  9. I heard it too Maria! The water itself is a lovely sound and then that little chime. It’s a beautiful ritual to end the day!!

  10. I heard the sweet chiming! There’s angels in your studio. And I saw Jane M’s pincushion on your window sill!( I missed your blog )

  11. It’s a magic cup! I not only love the sounds but the light reflected on the cup. It seems to glow as you pour the water in.

  12. Maria, I am so grateful that you are walking this earth sharing your thoughts and beautiful creations! When I wake up each morning, I quickly grab a cup of coffee, turn on the computer and get myself ready to tune in to your site! Then I am rewarded to read your honest and awesome words and see your lovely potholders! Thank you Maria!

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