Sleep on it

fear steals truth

Yesterday I woke up saying the words fear tries to steal the truth.  Even before my eyes were open the words were coming out of my mouth.  I wrote them down.

Today I spent most of my day packing and shipping my Heart of Scraps potholders.  The line was backed up at the post office because of me.  As I placed each package on the scale for Martha, I looked at the address and thought of the person the potholder was going to.  I know a little about all of them  and more about others.  Some I’ve even met.  It was satisfying sending all those hearts out into the world.

By the time I got home I knew I’d only have a few hours in the studio.  It was really cold today and getting colder as the sun went down.  But I had those words from yesterday morning in my head and images swirling around inside of me.  I circled the studio till the right color jumped out at me for the backing.  Set up the batting and backing then sat at the machine waiting for the right color thread to make itself known.  I started with pink.  It felt like writing on a chalk board with colored chalk.  New designs and images coming out of me.

After a while, my bobbin thread ran out and as I was winding it, (which took me three times to get right,  I kept doing it wrong)  a voice in my head repeated the words, stop now and sleep on it.   I had no intention of stopping, I wanted to finish.  Then I realized how cold my feet were and that I didn’t want to just finish this piece to be done with it.  I wanted the whole thing to be as inspired as it was to this point.  So I hung it on the wall and closed up my studio for the night.   I’ll sleep on it as the voice suggested and get back to it tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sleep on it

  1. I think perhaps you need heated hunting socks when the weather gets as cold as it has been. Down south it was just as brutal (for us, 11 degrees as the low). There are also heated tush pads for sitting around in tree stands that are also nice I am assuming for the times it gets so cold for you in your creative sewing hut. Really lovely piece you have created.

  2. Maria

    I too got my heart potholder in the mail today!
    it was like getting a ray of sunshine! Enjoy the rest of your night.

    Sandy Allen\Danbury CT

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