The kind of cold

minnie in the sun

Today’s the kind of cold that freezes your nose hairs and the moisture from your breath on your eyelashes.  The kind of cold where water turns to ice the moment it touches the ground.   Hot tea turns cold walking from the house to my studio.   The cats are sunning themselves on the porch, as they do no matter what the temperature is, and I’m thinking my car may start by the time the chickens venture out of the coop in the early afternoon.

4 thoughts on “The kind of cold

  1. Anxiously await your report on Minnie + Flo spending the night in the basement……….gigled when I read that you place a blanket on Frieda when it is cold….and she lets you.

  2. Thanks Maria for letting Flo and Minnie in the basement. We know they would still be ok in the barn, it makes us feel better they are in the basement. Bless you.

    1. Actually Veronica, I worry more about Minnie in the basement then outside. Who knows whats in the crawl spaces down there. But that’s me and she’s there for the night. And as for Flo, she didn’t show up for dinner, and we haven’t seen her since. Seems she’s not interested in the basement. That’s cats for ya, they do as they please.

  3. Cats are so weird. My Tortie Maine Coon loved the basement cubby hole that was mostly a cutout for the furnace/water heater since that was where most of the mice were. I hope Flo comes back since those of us who have overly active imaginations will think something terrible happened to her.

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