Flo, Queen of the Woodpile

Flo on her wood pile
Flo on her wood pile

Flo,  she comes and she goes.   This afternoon she was back on her wood pile, the camouflaged queen.  I guess we’ll get used to her comings and goings, or not.

12 thoughts on “Flo, Queen of the Woodpile

  1. You’re lucky it’s Flo who’s settled in your wood pile, we always have a family of mom and baby raccoons who camp out in our woodshed every year. We welcome them, they are not a problem. I’m very glad to see that Flo is back.

  2. I am very glad she came back. I imagine you were, too. I very much enjoy your comments and love your quilts and other types of art on cloth. I never seem to see any of them soon enough to purchase anything. My loss.

  3. Oh Maria,
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed about Flo! I’m so glad she’s back in your (and Jon’s) loving embrace!

    Did she disappear this time after her visit to the vet for more shots, as she did after the last visit to the vet??

    Maybe she just does not particularly like those visits even if they are for her own good.

    From Fran

  4. Maria, I wondered about Flo. She seems so different, not aloof, but cuddly at times and yet so independent. I’m glad she is back. She has such a remarkable, loving and curious look about her. I hope to hear much about her in the days ahead. Did she ever go into the basement, or did she just disappear when she figured out the plan? Animals have minds of their own, don’t they? I know mine sure do. And like Lenore, I too have a lovedog, Riley Lab. I never had a big dog before, just Shelties. I often wonder how they would do with a cat. I don’t think they would like it. I might though.

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