Flowers, Buttons, Ruffles and Bows

The first step in making Olivia's Quilt
The first step in making Olivia’s Quilt

A while back Lisa emailed me and asked If I would make a quilt from her daughter’s baby clothes.   The box of clothes has been in my studio since before Christmas.  Today seemed like the right day to start Olivia’s Quilt.

I took the small dresses and tiny sweaters and pants from the box and laid them out on my floor.  Really cute stuff.  I took an inventory of the colors and textures in my head.   A little black, lots of white and light colors,  more pinks in every shade and a touch of lime green.

It’s always hard to make the first cut, especially when it’s someones else’s clothes and even more so when those clothes are so treasured.   But there wasn’t  a lot of them and I knew I’d use almost every piece Lisa sent.  I started with the biggest dresses, leaving the pieces as big as possible, unsure of how I would use them yet.  I cut up the tiny pairs of pants, again making the pieces as big as I could.  Then the fun part, cutting out the pictures and sayings the bows and the buttons.

I found myself  designing the quilt as I cut each piece.  Then when I was done, I looked at what I had done and started moving things around.

o's quilt 2

This is as far as I got.  I have some big pieces, from the dresses, that I’m planning on placing around the outside.   Alternating the pinks, lavender, and a flowered pattern.  I’m also going to be stitching some words onto some of the pieces.  Right now I’m thinking they will be on the outside pieces.   But I’ll have a better idea when the I have the whole thing laid out.

Such a contrast to the last quilt I made.  I must admit, I’m loving the colors, the flowers, the ruffles, and bows.


24 thoughts on “Flowers, Buttons, Ruffles and Bows

  1. I have to say that I gasped at the beauty when I got to the photo, Maria. This quilt will be so amazing and fun! What a wonderful keepsake. Cannot wait to see what you do with the rest/borders, etc.

    I received my potholder today and am thrilled. So special to have one of your pieces of art!! Thank you.

  2. Oh! Maria, I am not very girlie, and I prayed for boys and got them …so why am I crying looking at this beautiful quilt? Geez…I need help…sniff.

  3. I love the quilt you made from baby clothes!! I looked at the lovely, tiny clothes and could not imagine a quilt from them, but this is just right! Annie

  4. This is beautiful, I just love the variety. How big will this be ? Is it a lap quilt or child size ? Can’t wait to see the whole thing !

  5. I have four children and I wish I would have thought of doing that. I think this is just darling. What a wonderful way to give your child memories.

  6. Hi Maria,
    What a wonderful and meaningful quilt! Your composition is perfect.
    It’s exciting that your work will be treasured for many years to come.
    You accomplish pure magic with recycled fabric!
    As a former quilter (now a painter) I enjoy seeing your colorful creations.
    Working with color is such FUN and so uplifting. Enjoy.

  7. What a priceless quilt THIS will be! I can see this being passed on to following generations for a long time. Your work is beautiful, Maria.

  8. Awesome! That will be a happy “little girl” quilt with bright cheerful colors and fussy ruffles and flowers. Can’t wait to see the finished project. It looks like springtime and love.

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