Potholders from Laura’s Box of Fabric

flower potholders2

I dove into the box of Laura Israel’s fabric this afternoon.  It was that flowered piece of fabric that go me going.  I wanted to make a couple of potholders for Michael, Laura’s son and for his friend  Lindsay, who told him about me and my work, and helped sort through and wash the fabric.   When I finished up with the flowered material I realized these potholders probably weren’t something a man would want.  So I went through the box again and came up with these:

manly potholders

I’m surprised at how different it is working with this fabric.  I can’t even say how or why, it just feels different.   While I was making these, I got an idea about how to use the applique pieces  and ribbons that Lindsay sent in a separate box.  I was excited to try it out, but got side tracked with the potholders. (superstitious me, I don’t want to write anymore about it until I play with it a bit)

Some of the many appliques from Laura's Box of Fabric
Some of the many appliques from Laura’s Box of Fabric



9 thoughts on “Potholders from Laura’s Box of Fabric

  1. It had to have been like Christmas to get this box of fabric and appliques, how fun. And who better to receive this than you!

  2. Maria, maybe you find it different working with the fabric because you know about something about the person who owned them. They were chosen specially by Laura for whatever it was that she wanted to do with them, and then when she had no more need of them, someone had a connection to you that allowed you to receive these physical representations of Laura’s creativity. So you perhaps feel a connection to Laura and certainly to her son and his friend who provided you such a wonderful gift. The potholders are lovely combinations of colors ~ they will love them!

  3. These applique pieces—dogs, chickens,a sheep, a cat, a horse, flowers—would look great on a Bedlam Farm quilt.

  4. You got yourself a gold mine with all those appliques. I’m a seamstress as well and follow directions very well, I wouldn’t even know where to start with all the appliques. I love “The Dance” pillow……very creative!!

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