Olivia’s Quilt

olivia's quilt w border

In between the appliques I’ve been working on Olivia’s Quilt.  I designed the border around it (this is where I’ll stitch most of the words if not all of them) and started sewing it together.  It’s a little more complicated than usual because of all the decorative elements, flower, buttons, and bows and ruffles.  But that makes it more challenging and keeps it interesting.   I’m opening lots of seams so there’s less bulk to sew and I get to keep as much fabric as possible and avoid buttons.    It always surprises me how it looks so different when the pieces are stitched together.  The different colors and fabrics and textures right up against each other emphasizing the contrasts.  I have a little more than half the middle sewn together.  It’s definitely one of those quilt that you want to touch.

7 thoughts on “Olivia’s Quilt

  1. That is beautiful! And I bet it smells so good to. I love baby clothes. I’m sure Olivia will treasure this for a very long time. Great job, Maria!

    I finished the blue jean quilt. Husband said it’s keeping him really warm up in those very cold frozen states.

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