Yellow Horse

Yellow Horse
Yellow Horse

When I finish it, this will be my second pillow using Laura’s appliques.  Don’t ask me what it’s about, because I have no idea.   In one of Laura’s boxes of fabric there was this piece of material with those big pink and green and yellow flowers on it.  I laid it on my desk then let the yellow horse jump over one.   The dogs came next then the dress (made from a piece of trim) then the girl.  There’s no competition between the potted flowers and the big floating ones.  They just work together.  The pointy trim at the top give it the feeling of a stage or window, something we’re looking into anyway.  I tried a color on the outside border but the piece needed space not something that would close it in.

I ran out of pillow stuffing so this is as far as I could go with it today.   I ordered some Kapok ,a natural pillow stuffing, yesterday(something new I’m trying)  I’ll finish this when it comes in.

a piece of fabric with flowers on it like the one I used for Yellow Horse and the trim I used for the girls dress.
A piece of fabric with flowers on it like the one I used for the ground of  “Yellow Horse” and the trim I used for the girls dress.

13 thoughts on “Yellow Horse

  1. I thought of your love for Rocky when I saw this! The free spirit pony that he is now, and how thoughts of him are making you happy now…

  2. I REALLY like this!!
    I am notvsurecwhy… ( Iam neither a horse or a poodle person.) I love the starfish hand on the girl and the wind in her hair.
    And the colours….. And when I doodle I someties draw those kind of flowerpots…..
    I think I need this if you are selling it!

    1. I was never a horse or poodle person myself Jo-Anne, but lately, because of Rocky, I understand the “Horse thing”, or maybe not understand it, but find myself more of a horse person than ever before. And Poodles, strangely for the past year or so (and never before in my life) I’ve thought of someday getting a standard poodle. Truly, I don’t understand any of it. I will be selling it when it’s done. We’ll be in touch…

  3. oops Typing on my iPad and it has tiny tiny letters in the box I am typing in……. I do not approve of typos!

  4. This is lovely Maria ~ The neutral background lets the story come out and I too think Rocky had some influence! A good friend of mine had always had cats as pets and then got a standard poodle in her mid-life. She loved him so much ~ could not imagine how she missed out on all that dog love in the years before!

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