Common Thread Give-a-way

Barn notecards by Jon Katz
Barn notecards by Jon Katz

It’s almost time again for the Common Thread Give-a-way again.   And this time Jon Katz will be giving away a piece of his work.  It may be notecards or it may be a print.  We won’t know until the Contest begins on Monday February 4th.  I’ll post a picture of the piece of art Jon will give away.    Since Jon doesn’t take comments on his blog I’ll be asking people to leave a comment on my blog if you’d like a chance to win.  So come back on Monday morning and see what Jon is giving away and enter the contest.

Lulu and Simon Signed print
Signed print of Lulu and Simon


18 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. I’d love a chance to win. Anything that Jon creates is a magical message; a thought that teaches. I have learned much from Jon; some things I am able to put to use; others live in my head and heart.

  2. I would like to be entered! If it is the famous Red photo, and I happen to win, then pick again..I have it, and someone else should be able to enjoy it 🙂

  3. I own some of Jon’s postcards and one of your pillows. Would be thrilled to win one of his photographs. I also already have a collection of chickens and roosters in the kitchen. His print would be the “icing on the cake.”

  4. I like thinking about these two chickens and their stories. While sometimes it is hard to face the reality of what befalls the animals of Bedlam Farm, I appreciate how dignified and determined these two hens were.

  5. I had chickens as a little girl. I could not bring myself to eat the my mind they were to be baby chicks. My father bought eggs at the store for me to eat. No thoughts of baby chicks. Years later I found out my father just put our chickens’ eggs in a store carton. My father was a wise and wonderful man.

    Please enter me to win.

    Thank you and all the artists for providing everyone a chance to win a piece of art.

    I am sorry but I don’t know what Website means.

  6. I think I mistook the wrong print in my reply about the chickens. The story is true but does not apply to the donkey print.
    A donkey print also is personal as we had two donkeys for many years.this was when our daughter was young .We would let our daughter’s Brownie troop visit the donkeys. Each girl would sit on a donkey and my husband would lead her around the corral. All the animals on your farm bring back such wonderful memories. We did not have sheep but a goat named Benny Hill.

  7. I am Washington County girl (from Greenwich) living in Germany and would love to have one of Jon’s photos as a memento from “home.” Was very touched by his recent comments on Rose. I also had a Spirit Dog (Stella) who helped me through a crisis and then passed away shortly afterwards. (If I win, my mom lives in Greenwich!)

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