Olivia’s Quilt… So Far

olivias quilt so far

I pieced together the center of Olivia’s Quilt today.   Next week I’ll stitch the words on the border pieces then sew them on too.  The border pieces of fabric are perfect for stitching the words because they are cotton (not knits or other stretchy material which is difficult if not impossible to use with free motion stitching) and solid colors, so the words will show up.  There are always adjustments to be made when I actually do the sewing.   And although they may seem small, they are creative decisions that can change the balance or design of the quilt.

You can see some of the differences in the quilt laid out below compared to it stitched together above.  (I do plan on sewing on the circle, which came from a hat, at the top)

o's quilt

5 thoughts on “Olivia’s Quilt… So Far

  1. This is absolutely charming. It is my favorite of your creations, except for the potholders you made from my mom’s aprons, of course !

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