Out My Window

Jon and Red herding sheep with the donkeys
Jon and Red herding sheep with the donkeys

At least once a day, Jon and Red go out to herd the sheep while I’m in my studio working.   Frieda goes to the window and wines and barks.  The donkeys come running from the other pasture for a scratch and a cookie.  And I get to watch all the creatures I love best, right outside my window.

13 thoughts on “Out My Window

  1. What a great view. Your own little world right out your window.

    If you go to my blog and go back a few pages, you can see the blue jean quilt. I don’t know how else to get a picture for you to see other than there.

    I so love reading your blog. You are so inspiring and so creative. You make me want to get things done. Thank you!

  2. While we do not have chickens at the moment, we have in the past enjoyed fresh eggs, the soothing clucking in the henhouse, and the aesthetic sight of the chickens making their way around the yard. Would love to have Jon’s photo to hang in our old farmhouse.

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