Win a Jon Katz Photo in the Common Thread Give-a-way

Fran and Meg at (Old) Bedlam Farm
Fran and Meg at Old Bedlam Farm

It’s here again, the Common Thread Give-a-way.  Every month one of us 5 artists : Jane McMillen,, Nancy Bariluk-Smith, Kim Gifford,  (check out Kim’s Ipad drawing of Jon and Red on her site) and me and Jon  give away a piece of our work.  It’s always the first Monday of the month.

This month it’s Jon’s turn.  He’s giving away a signed and matted (to fit an 11×14 frame) photo  of Fran and Meg at the Old Bedlam Farm.   Now the rules are a bit different because Jon doesn’t take comments on his blog.  So you can leave a comment on my blog if you’d like to enter to win.  I’ll announce the winner (chosen randomly) on Thursday morning.   Good Luck!

120 thoughts on “Win a Jon Katz Photo in the Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. Waiting for the bus.
    “Where is that donkey (bus) anyway? I heard there is a fox up that hill, hope the bus (donkey) isn’t running late”.

  2. I would love a chance to win this photo. My son used to raise chickens to show at the local 4H fair, and he started with Rhode Island Reds.

  3. Looks like a third chicken is present besides Meg and Fran. Love the rustic reds and browns that abound in this photo.

  4. Oh, I love this photo, and Maria, I have a “chicken” kitchen that this print would look lovely in!!! Pick me, pick me! 🙂 ~Robin

  5. Happy 2013 and looking forward to spring, as nice a spring as the picture of the industrious Meg and Fran! This is a lovely community…

  6. Great photo! Your photos often remind me of growing up on a farm in So. Wisconsin. Thank you for keeping those memories alive for me.

  7. Well, I am way late again to entering your contests. Oh well! Still, I would love to win the chicken photo. If I do you can be sure that I will give it to my egg lady who certainly deserves it for going out of her way to get eggs to me.

  8. I loved the comment that Fran and Meg look like 2 ladies going to bingo! This is a wonderful idea to get people excited by art and artisans. Thanks for all you do.

  9. I have some of Jon’s beautiful notecards and would love to win this picture of the ladies! thanks for all you do and give. . .

  10. I was captured by the drama of the fox and the farmer a few months ago. Sad that Fran and Meg didn’t make it, but Jon has shown us how to let go of our animals without loving them any less. I have a red chicken, as well. This picture would look amazing in our farmhouse!

  11. I miss Winston! He was the best rooster ever. 🙂 And Henrietta… his brave offspring. Great shot though! As is all of Jon’s work.

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