More Bandanna Potholders

Red and Lenore at the Groomers
Red and Lenore at the Groomers

Red and Lenore went to the groomer last week.  Here they are on the porch waiting to go home.  Lenore got a bandanna with pink hearts and Red a handsome blue print.   Jon’s always quick to cut their bandannas off as soon as they get home. I think they’re pretty cute, but he thinks they’re undignified.   I’ll be making some potholders using their bandannas this week.

12 thoughts on “More Bandanna Potholders

  1. Maria – May I put my order in for two potholders? The ones I bought from you over a year ago would love some company (I use mine all of the time!!!!). I will be out of town from 2/13 through 2/22. If you would like me to, I can mail you a check or use PayPal to pay for them prior to leaving town. Let me now.


  2. I had this silly thought– make pot holders with dog-shaped appliqué pieces from the bandanas. Hey ! I’d order a couple right off…

  3. I think they are cute too! My dog always wore one ~ my friend loved to buy them for her. And because of her coloring, it caused her to be more visible on snowy days. I think though that while Lenore’s is perfect, Red has that gorgeous white ruff that needs no adornment!

  4. Labs have so little dignity to lose, they might as well wear a bandanna and look cute! Just kidding; actually I think that with their solid color coats, no big furry ruff, and their sturdy size, they look better in a bandanna than any other breed.

  5. May I please order and reserve two potholders, one from Red and one from Lenore ? Please let me know the costs and how to pay. Thank you so much.

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