Food, Art or Valentine?

Jane McMillans Valentine pincushion

Nancy Bariluk-Smith's Thin Mint Beads

Linzer Tart from Round House Bakers

I have this thing about looking at some art and feeling it’s good enough to eat.  Well in the past couple of days, A couple of the blogs I read have had art that makes me hungry.  The first is Jane McMillen’s Valentine Pincushion.  She has a bunch of these delicious looking felted pennyrug pieces on her blog post A Valentine for my Readers.  

Then there’s some lampwork beads, which look like candy to me,  made by Nancy Bariluk-Smith.    Her blog post Thin Mints, made me reach for the dark mint chocolate bar in my freezer.

Last, is something I’ve been thinking about since  I saw them, and for some reason didn’t get one, when I worked at the Cambridge Co-op on Friday.  A heart shaped Linzer Tart made Lisa at the by the Round House Bakery, at Pompanuk Farms,  Jon and I made a special trip to the Co-op today so I could get one of these cookies.  Almost looks too good to eat.




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