Faith in The Silence

My latest Streaming Pillow that I made for Barb.
My latest Streaming Pillow that I made for Barb

It’s true, many of you read in Jon’s blog that I was  down, feeling overwhelmed  with orders, mostly for pillows.  It’s also true that making the Shibori Quilt seems to have been the cure.  This morning I woke up ready to take on my list of special orders.  I started at the beginning.  First I emailed Barb to make sure she still wanted a pillow.  I wasn’t sure, because she first asked me in August.  Barb said yes, she would like to have the pillow by April, it’s a gift.   I’m learning that I’m putting the pressure on myself.  Most people are willing to wait and plan better than I do.

So here’s my plan, one pillow a week, maybe sometimes two.  A day for potholders, and the rest for quilts (I have a few orders for these too) and a free day or two, to let something unexpected happen.  I’m not really one for schedules or planning, but I think just having this loose plan in my head will keep my anxiety away and allow me to work through my lists and make those things I love to make for all of you who want them.  But I also need to make space for the new ideas to evolve.

There are some days when my body and brain want to do what’s familiar, what’s known.  And there are other days when the excitement of a new idea refuses to be squelched by anything other than being realized.  It’s when I don’t answer that need  that I get in trouble.  Once again, it comes down to listening to and trusting myself.  Believing that a long list of orders is not something to be afraid of but grateful for.


14 thoughts on “Faith in The Silence

  1. Maria,

    So glad you have found a loose plan to deal with your backlog of orders. So glad to know that you have left space in the plan for being spontaneous and creative. Enjoy the ride!


  2. I love the last line. Wonderfully said. This concept applies nicely to many areas of life. I will keep it at the forefront of my days, especially the ones that seem overwhelming.

  3. I love the way you came to terms with this….you have a gift, but the giving of it (your many forms of art) has to come from a place that gives you joy. Glad that you were able to work your way back from gloom into a positive place, Maria.

  4. What a good problem to have, Maria. Everyone covets a Maria Wulf art creation. But balance is important, so be true to yourself. xoxo

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