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Win this Heart of Shibori  Scraps Potholder
Win this Heart of Shibori Scraps Potholder

I am feeling so much love from so many different places this Valentines Day I wanted to share some of it.

So after my Valentine Massage this morning (thank you Jon) I came right to the studio and made this Heart of Scraps Potholder from some of the left over shibori fabric.  And I’m giving it away.  Let’s see, it’s about 12:30 now so leave a comment on my blog, if you’d like a chance to win this potholder,  and at 12:30 tomorrow (Friday) I’ll announce the winner, which I’ll pick at random.   Wishing you all a love filled day.



120 thoughts on “Win A Heart

  1. “What your heart thinks is great, is great. The soul’s emphasis is always right.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Your work is inspirational. It would be nice to see this inspiration every day. Hope you had the nicest of days.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Jon and thank you for all you both do.
    Being Japanese, the Shibori quilt and fabric really touched me. All of my grandparents were from Japan and made their way to New Jersey and Hawaii.

  4. hey maria,
    thank you for the opportunity to win your potholder. i live the same kind of life with critters, and i would have many more if my pocketbook would allow. i love checking in to bedlam farm, and vicariously always go to your site. My daughter is getting married in Oct. in Leesburg,VA. I want to get with you about a streaming pillow combining her life with her fiancee and the life they are leading now.A schnauzer named Marley plays largely in the story …..,will be in touch,i need to pull the story together on paper for you to work your magic………..;~)

  5. The Shibori fabric is so wonderful! A few months ago I wrote you about the “Mottaini” exhibit in Portland, how they use any piece of fabric large enough to wrap three beans in, and I see you’ve done it here! Happy late Valentine’s day!

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