Inviting the World In

Shibori Quilt

I got the backing and batting sewn on my Shibori Quilt this afternoon.   You can see on the back where I started tacking it with yarn.

Back of Shibori Quilt
Back of Shibori Quilt

Designing the back of the quilt is an important part of the whole piece.  I use large pieces of fabric if I can and try to make it work in some way with the front of the quilt. I liked the simplicity of this design and thought the lines mimicked those  on the front of the quilt.

When I’m tacking a quilt I like to listen to talking as opposed to music.  I used to take books on CD out of the library.   Lately I’ve been listening  to This American Life. Being, or Fresh Air, on my ipad.  I love being able to pick and choose which program to listen to depending on my mood.   When I think that 6 years ago I had never used a computer or went online, it’s hard to believe.  I wouldn’t be making and selling my work without it.  I love the juxtaposition between my old School House Studio, where I work alone most of the day and the technology that allows me to selectively invite the whole world in when I want to.

14 thoughts on “Inviting the World In

  1. This quilt is so beautiful! I love the contrast of light and dark colors in the fabrics. I wish you could make more than one!

  2. Beautiful and elegant. Simple and yet complex. You captured an oriental feel that honors the Japanese origin of its fabric. Just lovely.

  3. HI Maria, I love audiobooks for the drive to work, but always listen to podcasts when I’m quilting. I’ve heard of Fresh Air & This American Life – a friend introduced me to The Moth & Radiolab which you may like. You don’t even have to download them, can just search the archives,and look through all the old episodes then play them.

    Thanks for the pictures out of your window – it’s like stills from your own personal farm movie!
    Hannah, NY

  4. Hey Maria, This is just so beautiful. I love the backings of all your works as well. You sound happy. Funny the difference a few days can make. The word that jumps out at me here is ‘selectively’. That’s the key to contentment for me.
    Do you remember when Facebook first came out and neither one of us could quite figure it out? I do. 🙂
    Have a nice w/e, Cindy

  5. Wow…just wow! It’s amazing to see the fabric you posted about just last week take shape into this beautiful work of art, Maria. I, too, listen to a variety of NPR’s programs on my ipad/iphone as I go about my tasks. There is a big world of ideas and happenings and issues out there, and (for someone who is a bit of a solitary hermit outside of my teaching world) it’s good to feel connected and “in the know.” Does your new quilt have a home yet?

  6. Oh, Maria, I just love this quilt! It is superb! Is it ever difficult to part with one of your creations when they are so spectacular?

  7. The quilt is beautiful ~ such lovely fabrics to work with. I’m sure you have enjoyed every moment from conception to the finished work!

  8. I love those programs, too, Maria. They get me through my work day. Another great one is Snap Judgment on NPR. Great storytelling.
    Love this quilt!

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