Maggie and The Dance

Maggie and The Dance
Maggie and The Dance

One of the most satisfying and heartwarming feelings is when I get an email or photo from someone who has received one of my pieces of art and they tell me  how it brings them joy or has meaning for them.    This morning I got such an email from Roberta, whose sister gave her one of my potholders for her birthday.

Terri bought my first applique pillow The Dance.   A few day’s ago she sent me this  photo of it her soulful eyed dog, Maggie.

6 thoughts on “Maggie and The Dance

  1. Maggie is almost as beautiful as your pillow, she has wonderful eyes.

    Maria, I know a while back you posted about needing pillow stuffing – I just got an email from JoAnn’s and they’re having a sale through Monday night. Both quilt batting and poly fill stuffing are on sale (nearly half off for the pre-cut quilt sizes) and if you use the code PENNY13 at checkout, shipping is free. Considering that shipping usually eats up any discount for online shopping, this was a no-brainer and I did some stocking up. Hope you don’t mind the recommendation (I’m not usually a JoAnn’s fan and try to buy from the indie stores in Philadelphia) but free is free, and when I saw they had quilt size cotton batting on sale, I thought of you and your lovely work.

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