Brave and Beautiful

brave and beautiful

When the words I am brave and beautiful first came into my head, I was a little embarrassed.  I can’t write that, I thought, it’s too…well, just too much, too bold, brazen too much like bragging.  But they wouldn’t go away.  I found myself saying them to other people.  I left a comment on Kim Giffords blog, “You are brave and beautiful”.  So if I can say it about someone else, why can’t I say it to me, and if I can say it to me, why can’t you say it to you.  I think anything I’m afraid to say  has some power to it.

So there she is, my latest Everyday Goddess ( all of you and me) brave and beautiful her heart shaped bareness for all the world to see.

I’m thinking of a maroon border with a bit of blue.  I’ll look on my list and see who’s next in line for a pillow and see if brave and beautiful is where they’re at.


10 thoughts on “Brave and Beautiful

  1. She is a goddess, Maria, naked and free. She is in the Starfish pose – a starfish has amazing powers of rejuevination and renewal. Beautiful!

  2. Oh pick me – I’m brave and beautiful. You know this is something that mothers tell their children and isn’t it great to have the ability to say it to your grown up self or to a friend. I love it and the colors and the message.

  3. bored one morning, I googled my name, Nicki brown and came across the pillow! I believe that I am “Brave and Beautiful” I would adore a pillow like this….its just fantastic!!!! Thank you!!!!

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