Let the Stillness Work it’s Magic


Today I did nothing.  Well, not really nothing.  But it’s 3:30 and I was only in the studio long enough to stitch the word patience on this potholder, I haven’t even checked my email yet.   So what have I been doing?  I’ve been thinking about spirituality and creativity.  How they inform each other.   This morning I did over an hour of meditation then had a massage focused on finding where creativity lives in my body.  Then a slow walk with Jon and the dogs on a country road.   A day of patience, a day of waiting, a day of allowing.  And unplanned, unexpected day of rest.   I’m glad I listened to the other voice today, not the one that says you better get to work and make something, the one that said be still, get out of the way for a little while and let the stillness work it’s magic.

10 thoughts on “Let the Stillness Work it’s Magic

  1. Maria,
    Sometimes when we think we are doing “nothing,” we are actually doing something very important. We are allowing ourselves to slow down, take a breath,and nourish our minds and our bodies. We DO get in the way of ourselves too often. So many more great ideas come to us when we are still.
    Yours was a productive day of the heart and soul…much better than a day of work!

  2. You know, I had a very similar day, but I don’t feel as good about mine as you do. I have a writing deadline coming up and it’s just harrowing sometimes waiting for myself to be ready to write. If this potholder is not sold, I would be honored to buy it. I read your blog for exactly this reason: because you write so well about creativity.

    1. I think it’s learning to trust the waiting time, Trish, something I’m not good at. The potholder is sold, I had no idea it would strike so many people as it has.

  3. I am so touched by the wings on the dress, the waiting, empty chair; BOTH of which describe the word ‘patience’ on this piece. Your description of your day and your art remind me of the most precious gift taking care of children gave me: HAVING TO SIT STILL and listen to them, enter their world of leisurely imagination. Annie

  4. Hi Maria,
    Have been quietly admiring your work for a while.
    Just sent you an email to see if this potholder is still available.
    I would love to give it a good home!

  5. Thank you, Maria, for you insight today. Why is it that we find it so hard to let go of “doing”? Guess we know how to “do”, we can see physical results of “doing”. Something ingrained in us? To be still is really much harder but can be so much more rewarding….to refresh us totally- mind, spirit and body. To be still we must let go of the need to be in control.

    1. I think it does have alot to do with seeing the result of doing as you said Barb and letting go of control. I love instant gratification, having to wait does make me feel out of control of the situation and makes me anxious.

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