A Precious Thing

Jon, Kim and Jack having coffee
Jon, Kim and Jack having coffee

Kim and I often do our potholder exchange on her three season porch.  She leaves a shopping bag of finished potholders and an invoice on the rocking chair and I take the bag, leaving a new one with potholders to be assembled and a check.   This Friday when Kim left a message saying the potholders were done, she invited me and Jon over for coffee.  Sounds like a little thing, something neighbors and friends do.  And maybe it is for some people, but not for me.  And not for me and Jon.  There’s something about how casual it is.  Not a long planned dinner, or an event, just coffee (and a delicious banana bread that Kim made), just sitting around the kitchen table exchanging stories and getting to know each other.  No tension, no politics, just easy enjoyable conversation.   Such a simple thing, but something I’ve had so little of in my life.  Such an ordinary thing, such a precious thing.

8 thoughts on “A Precious Thing

  1. This is such a beautiful picture, Maria…you really captured the warmth of the moment. Even if you hadn’t described the feeling, the picture evokes how precious it was. What is it I see all over the internet sometimes: “sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart.” I can appreciate how meaningful and precious this little gathering was…the good coffee, a homey atmosphere, dear friends, and even the sleeping critter underneath that beautiful table.

    I love the exact moment you captured of Jon obviously sharing something funny — everyone is beaming. Enjoy these moments…you so deserve it!

    1. Nice to hear the photo captured the moment Leslie, and That’s Alex under the table, I didn’t think he was that visible, I should have mentioned him.

  2. Everything about this photo looks welcoming and relaxed, including the dog under the table. How wonderful to have neighbors like this. It makes the ordinary extraordinary, it is indeed a precious thing.

  3. How relaxing that must have been. Now that we are older (ahem) I seem to enjoy coffee more than a complete dinner with friends (less work and more chat). Thanks Maria for the reminder.

  4. We used to do that all the time. Not any more. We’re always too busy. That picture captured the laid back atmosphere there. Nice home and nice company. What more can a preson ask more?

  5. This is such a lovely photo. Like others have said, more like the old days when people were less intensely busy all the time. I love the dog under the table and the scrumptious looking banana bread!

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