Shibori Scraps

Four designs for Shibori potholders
Four designs for Shibori potholders. These are sold out.


The scraps from the my Shibori Quilt have been hanging around my studio for days, so today I decided to do something with them today. My plan was to use them all up. There was something magical about the way I designed the Shibori Quilt and I didn’t want the mojo to slip away.

First I made some potholders from the bigger pieces. I designed them similar to the quilt, but it took me a long time to do each one. Shrinking the quilt idea down to potholder size wasn’t easy. I finally got 4 done, then ran out of big pieces of fabric.

Then I used the rest of the scraps to make as many Shibori Heart of Scraps Potholders as I could. Turned out there was enough for 5 potholders.

Shibori Heart of Scraps Potholders.  There are 2 of these still available.
Shibori Heart of Scraps Potholders.  Only one of these still available.

But I had this blue wool I wanted to use for one, I just knew I wanted to see those colors on that blue. But I don’t think wool would make a good potholder so I made it into a small pillow, (just a bit bigger than a potholder) instead.

Shibori Heart of Scraps Pillow
Shibori Heart of Scraps Pillow  Sold

I knew I was done when I had only a tiny pile of scraps left.

The last of the shibori scraps
The last of the Shibori scraps ( this is a better photo, the true blue behind the heart)

Tomorrow I’ll drop all the potholders off at Kim’s so she can assemble them. They are all for sale. The patchwork ones are $15 each + shipping and the Shibori Heart of Scraps are $20 each + shipping. The pillow, which measures about 11″x11″ is $30 + shipping. If you’re interested in any of them just email me here or at [email protected]. I take checks and paypal.




13 thoughts on “Shibori Scraps

  1. Nice job Maria ~ that beautiful blue in the heart potholders is perfect! And the patchwork ones came out really well ~ would be great for men with the muted colors. I’m sure they will be gone in a minute!

  2. Hi, Maria,
    I would sure love to have that little pillow! Or one of the potholders if it is already going to someone else.
    I love how you are using the “Mottaini” approach!

  3. You certainly made the most of that beautiful Shibori fabric….the hearts are so perfect on the blue. Your spirit shines in these pieces, and fills my mind with ideas.

  4. Beautiful, Maria…!
    Can I get two of the Shibori potholders… (if they’re still available??)
    Email me the amount… I can send you a check…

  5. Pure wool would make a great potholder. It is self-extinguishing, i.e., it burns itself out. It’s also a great insulator, protecting the hand from heat. The only possible drawback is it might shrink if it were machine washed and dried. A tag indicating washing instructions would take care of that issue.

  6. Oh Maria, The shibori potholders are really beautiful with quiet grace and dignity like your quilt. How do you ever let go of some of your creations? I sometimes hoard away one of my paper creations unable to “let go”.

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