Meeting My Higher Self

meeting my higher self

Business called today, shipping, updating my books, sorting out yesterday’s potholder sales (which, for some reason was really confusing to me), but at 3:00 I made it into my studio.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to switch my head, from adding numbers to creating, especially that late in the afternoon.  But I had a visual from the day before.  I even did a drawing of it so I wouldn’t forget.  I was meditating to one of the Glenn Harold Hypnosis audios when I saw it.  I was on top of a hill, transparent as tissue paper, being blown like a sheer curtain in an open window and floating up to the stars.  Coming back down and reconnecting with the earth is my interpretation of the visual described on the audio.  I don’t remember much more about the Hypnosis except that part of it was a meeting with my higher self.

I’m not sure if there’s more to this piece or not.  I’m not even sure what it will become yet.  I’ll look at it tomorrow and decide what to do next.

Yesterday's drawing
Yesterday’s drawing

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