Minnie Out my Window

minnie out my window

Minnie perches on the fence posts and watches for mice like a hawk.   This is the first time I’ve seen her on the post out my window.  Usually the dogs are in the yard, so you wouldn’t see her anywhere near the fence.  She tries to snuggle up with Lenore and Red, but she’s smart enough to run when she see Frieda.

One thought on “Minnie Out my Window

  1. Maria, Minnie is beautiful, and, as you say, smart! I love the picture that Jon posted of you with the two cats.
    We live in a suburb and have a pasture and barn behind us and lots of stray cats have been around over the years. We feed them and have had the mamas spayed. Tortie lives in our backyard now and has for 5 years. Her mother, Mollie, comes by to eat. Those two are friendly to us but wary of others. Then there is Oreo and Tally – they are totally scared and we cannot get near them. Over the years, there have been many others. Some I have taken to be re-homed; others have mysteriously disappeared. I do have a strong feeling for them and will help them as best I can.

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