Meeting My Higher Self

Meeting My Higher Self
Meeting My Higher Self

A piece changes when it goes from being flat to being a pillow.   Because of the curve of the pillow, I’m just now beginning to know what to expect.  Front and center pops and the sides disappear.  Unless you look closely.  I added the purple border to give the piece more space, it frames it nicely too.

I’ve already had 3 people inquire about buying this pillow, so I believe it’s sold.

17 thoughts on “Meeting My Higher Self

  1. Dynamite rendition of this deep subject matter! Love this. Too bad it’s sold. If it falls through, Maria, let me know!

  2. I have so enjoyed watching this pillow “born” Maria….so fascinating to be a part of this process this way….from idea to sketch to fully formed art. Once again, I connect your arc of artistry to the writing process, and to the teaching process,too. I have an idea about a way to teach, and then there is the design of the lesson….and the children’s work is the final product, I guess. Isn’t it so fulfilling to be a part of the creative process, in all its forms? Thank you sor sharing your work with us!

  3. this is absolutely beautiful – I want to say your best one yet but I think that about them all.

    Follower from the shores of Lake Michigan.

  4. The shores of Lake Michigan- Grand Haven Michigan to be exact. It is a beautiful place – no mountains – lots of water. I was born though in St Albans Vermont.

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