Olivia and her Quilt

olivia 3  Olivia seems to be enjoying her quilt.  Her mom, Lisa  said she already had a tea party on it and dressed up in her fairy dress and danced around on it.  She remembers her clothes and knows her Aunt Janet gave them to her.  When she’s done playing with it, Lisa will hang the quilt in Olivia’s room.  Here are few more photos of Olivia and her quilt. olivia A

olivia B

11 thoughts on “Olivia and her Quilt

  1. What lovely photos!! Olivia and her quilt are gorgeous. It must make you feel very happy Maria to see your work being so well loved!

  2. This is a fairy tale ending to a story of a loving family. You made this happen for them Maria. Your art is boundless. 🙂

  3. The quilt is gorgeous — it’s meaning beautiful. Olivia is a real fairy princess! So precious to have a “living memory” of someone near and dear to you. Such incredible workmanship!

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