Too Blue

meeting my 3

When I got into the studio this morning I knew what I had to do to finish this piece.   The stairs needed to pop out more, and there was too much blue. I made a swirling design, in green and purple,  behind the stairs to juxtapose the straight lines and make this area recede so the stairs would stand out. Then I made her star yellow and stitched the night sky in three different colors to give it some depth.  Now I’ll make it into a pillow.

9 thoughts on “Too Blue

  1. Love this pillow and all the swirling stiches. If it isn’t sold, I would like to buy it. Just lovely. Love to see the evolution.

  2. Maria, I love this pillow !! Gut reaction as soon as I saw it … I would like to buy it if it’s still available … how much is it?

    Thanks… Elaine Barriss

    1. Well, Thanks Elaine, there are a couple of people who asked before you, but if it doesn’t work for either of them, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  3. Maria, that is a beautiful pillow! That’s how I picture my connection to my higher self! The energies are really ramping up lately, I can tell you’re tuned in to them. Lovely work.

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