Creative Sparks

Jon, on one of his breaks visiting me and Frieda in my studio
Jon, on one of his breaks visiting me and Frieda in my studio

Jon writes on his blog and takes pictures every day, it’s his passion as well as his work.  But when he’s writing a book, it’s somehow different.  It’s hard to explain.   It’s not a dramatic change, he doesn’t lock himself in his office or turn into Mr. Hyde or, even worse,  stop making me lunch.  It’s more of an atmospheric or cerebral shift.  Something I can feel in the air.

It’s always the same, in the beginning the chapters come slow with long breaks, days of getting it right.  Jon asks me to read each version of the chapter as he writes it.  Then one day it just clicks and there seems to be less empty space in the house.    The whole house buzzes.  Outwardly,  Jon is lit up, more animated, but I feel like inside him, there’s a whole new world in his head, a world I’ll only get to know by reading about it.   He stops handing me his chapters and discussing his ideas and he just writes.   There are still breaks, photos, walks, tea, but they are shorter, more concentrated.   There’s a feeling of something important to be gotten back to.

I love when this happens.  The house seems to vibrate with a creative energy that I can feel  from my studio.  And the energy and joy is infectious.  It eeks it’s way under my skin and into my own work.  These are the best creative times, when we’re both caught up in it.  Sparks flying between the house and my studio, between me and Jon.

14 thoughts on “Creative Sparks

  1. What a wonderful photo. Just as beautiful as the one he took of you in the sun yesterday! And I love the story of the creative spark ~ it sounds like a very good place to be!

  2. Thank you for this post. You are a good wife, and more importantly, companion to a creative mind. Knowing you are there no doubt makes the writing easier for him. And its nice to have a good place to go to on the breaks!! I have read every single one of his books, and I thank you for helping him write, and blog, as I sometimes feel I live my life vicariously through you two!!!

  3. I see a pillow or potholder in that vision of the energy flying through the air between your studio and house!! So wonderful, and you are right that creativity is infectious.

  4. Thank you for sharing this vivid emotional picture. Brings a big smile to my face, thinking of both of you inhabiting this creative space.

  5. what a great post! love your descriptions — it’s fun to read about your creative processes — very inspiring — also love your latest work, especially the trees — so cool!

  6. Kindred spirits, one and all. The hum-animals and art-thors. Creative; joy; infectious. Sparks indeed!

  7. I enjoy the way you describe Jon’s outward process, you have a gift for making others’ truly “see”.
    As long as Jon keeps making you lunch, all is well with the world! Such love between you two.

  8. It’s like that movie, Finding Neverland. See that sometime if you get a chance. All the times the author J.M. Barrie would see something, it was always a complete envisioned world. He could look into a room and see these creative worlds. That might be something like what Jon can do in his head as he writes his books.

  9. Hi Maria,

    I would love to win your kapok filled tree pillow. Because of the lotus flower at the base, I would always remember you when I see it. Sorry to leave a note here, but I could not attach a comment on the pillow blog.
    And keep up the sparks between you and Jon – you have both brought such joy to each other and to us.


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