Stitch What Comes

What came to me this morning
What came to me this morning

I circled around in my studio, not sure  what to do.  It was warm, (I turned the heat on earlier, when we fed the animals), I had a cup of ginger tea and Frieda was settling into her bed by the window.  I looked through the potholders I made yesterday and knew the last one I made was finished, something I didn’t know last night when I left it on my sewing table.  I felt like it took me a while to get going yesterday, but by the end of the day I had moved on to something new.  This morning I wanted to continue, but sleep had slowed the process and the momentum was gone.

Don’t think.  I saw the night sky inside my head then it expanded into the endless universe, stretching outward forever.   I sat on my legs pulled under me in the center of my studio floor.  And this is what I saw, a flying pie and and an unusual fruit tree.  More like the Sugar Plum Tree than an apple or pear tree.

Well, maybe not as profound at the Universe…..but I decided not to question it, to trust my vision, and stitch what came to me.

Yesterday's last potholder
Yesterday’s last potholder

12 thoughts on “Stitch What Comes

  1. Love the flying pie and the tree with all those hearts and fruits! And isn’t that just a perfect kitchen design?

    I had to smile when I saw the turquoise blue potholder below it. I took an art class in college and used embroidery to make a picture very similar to this with a blue background. If I can find it I’ll send you a picture ~ not sure that I have it any longer though. Still yours brings back a nice memory!

  2. Oh my gosh, this tree is gorgeous. I love this! Last week a flying cake and now a flying pie. Curious. Maybe we have enlarged food lobes in our brains. Think we need a CAT Scan?

  3. And furthermore, it’s CT Scan (not CAT). This is a happy sign for me as to how much of my nursing jargon I’ve let go of! And yea, I think we’ve got the food thing figured out.

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