Kapok and Umbrella Girl


Remember my whole pillow stuffing ordeal.  Well, last week I used up my polyfill stuffing from Walmart and today I used my Kapok for the first time.  I hadn’t written about it, but  I actually got the Kapok in the mail the day after I bought the stuffing at Walmart.   (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and you want to know, you can read about it here)   After all my fussing and  worrying I left the unopened box of kapok on my dining room chair for 2 weeks.   I’m not sure why, maybe I was just determined to wait for it, or maybe I didn’t want all that fussing and worrying to go to waste.

Anyway, last week I opened the box and brought the plastic bag of Kapok into my studio.  Today I was happy to have it when I finished my Umbrella Girl Pillow (which I made for someone on my list) and was ready to stuff it.  Someone told me that Kapok will get all over everything so to be careful with it.  Someone else told me it settles a lot so “when you think your pillow is stuffed enough, stuff it more”.   I thought of all of this advice as I reached into the plastic bag of Kapok and pulled out a small handful (to try and keep it under control) and clutched it in my fist.   Oh… it felt nice, much better than polyfill (which sticks to my rough hands).   Soft and silky with a unique density.  Much like the milkweed silk that someone else suggested it reminded them of.

As I stuffed the pillow I thought of the woman from Hawaii who told me her mother used Kapok to stuff their couches when she was a kid.  And when I was done and the pillow was just right, I stuffed it some more.  Some strands got stuck on my sleeve (which I then, rolled up) and some around the opening of the pillow.  I saw a few fluffs, like seeds, flying through the air.  But my tight fisted control method seemed to work.  I stitched up the pillow.   So far, I’m liking this Kapok stuff.

Umbrella Girl pillow is Sold
Umbrella Girl Pillow filled with Kapok

9 thoughts on “Kapok and Umbrella Girl

  1. Wait until you start working with goose down, the static electricity causes it to come back out. I remember the aggravation of trying to stuff a vest that I had bought from Frostline kits. Ever since I felt like it might be worth it to buy my down items already made. Don’t know if that is the trouble with the Kapok, the static. I just don’t think I can work with it due to allergies.

  2. I like this post! So funny that you got it quickly and then waited to use it. I can relate to that! The pillow looks good!

  3. Maria,

    I love this pillow…is it sold? Not only is it perfect for a household with two cats, but also the border matches our family room wallpaper – and Umbrella Girl & her feline companion on that sunny yellow background would really add a cheery note to the room!

    Beautiful work as always : )


    1. Janet, the cat fabric is close, but a bit different from the border. The border was a skirt at one point, it looked like it was hand made.

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