Making Patchwork Potholders

pot 1  When I run out of words and images, I got to color and texture.  That’s what I did yesterday after making my “sugar plum tree” potholder.  But where to begin?  So I went in search of fabric, specifically one piece of fabric to inspire me.  I found it in Laura Israel’s box of material.  The colors and design hooked me. The piece,  small enough to get lost in a quilt, big enough to make a 9 or 10 potholders with.

pot 2

Next I dumped out my box of scraps and found a bunch of colors and patterns that would go with it.

pot 3

Then I designed my first potholder.  The first one always takes the longest.  I’m just getting used to how all the fabrics work together.

pot 4

The design often changes a bit when I sew it together.  Just like when I make my quilts.

pot 5

With each potholder I make a fabric loop for hanging the potholder.

9 potholders

I was able to make 9 potholders using the flowered and paisley fabric.   Now I’ll give them to Kim to assemble.  When I get them back from her, I’ll hand stitch the opening at the bottom and quilt them with my sewing machine.   Then they’re ready to sell.

9 thoughts on “Making Patchwork Potholders

  1. These are such fun and I really love the inspiration fabric. So often it is one fabric that drives an entire quilt. Need some Spring today as mother nature is trying to knock down the doors out here on Cape Cod.

  2. Laura’s box of fabrics has held some beautiful treasures that you have turned into magic. I tink of Laura’s box as the Russian nesting box of fabic!

  3. Love to see the process in pictures, the fabrics, colors, and how you arrange and match them up.

  4. Kapok was what my Grandmother used to stuff her Quilts. I still have two of her Quilts. She would cut and sew her pieces in the winter and put the Quilts together in the spring and summer. I have the basket with a lid on it that she kept her pieces in. Thanks for bringing that time in my life back to think about.

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