Was That a Lion or a Poodle

My latest applique piece "Was that a lion or a poodle"
My latest applique piece “Was that a lion or a poodle”

I saw the ballerina’s dancing around a mirror.  This was as I was driving home after a massage where loads of emotions passed through my body.  Where I saw windows on the soles of my feet and was visited by the Lioness, demanding and protective.

I knew I had a small round mirror in one of my old wall hangings, which was in the chest in the living room.  The mirror was sewn under netting from a wedding dress.  I carefully pulled the stitches and removed it.

In my studio, I found the right piece of backing and laid out an applique piece.  A few times I tried to replace the mirror with a butterfly, flower or doily, but it wasn’t right.   It had to be the mirror.  Once I was convinced I had the design right, I had the problem of attaching the mirror.  I tried wrapping lace around the edge and stitching it on the fabric, but it easily came undone.  I tried a few different edgings and none of them worked.   I knew it could be done.  I’ve been wearing Indian clothes since high school, many of them with tiny mirrors stitched into the fabric.  So I Googled  how do you sew mirrors onto fabric.  I found Tutorial: Indian Shisha (mirror) Embroidery   It took me a few tries, but I finally got it down.  A simple embroidery stitch that reminded me of crocheting.   Not perfect, but hand done.  Now I’m excited, but too tired to do more, I might just have to go into the Studio tomorrow and finish this one up.

mirror mirror and dancers

2 thoughts on “Was That a Lion or a Poodle

  1. I had completely forgotten that I have a beautiful, long, black Indian skirt in my closet with tiny mirrors throughout. I will dig it out today. Thanks for nudging this into my mind. I like the look of the embrodiary.

  2. The stitching around the mirror is so delicate. I had no idea that any one ever had stitched tiny mirrors into cloth! I love the pics you took of Jon and the dogs. How amazing to have creative energy flowing between the two of you!! Most couples only have conflict flowing between them! Annie

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