Out My Window, By The Big Maple Tree

Frieda out my studio window
Frieda out my studio window

When it’s sunny and warm outside, like it was today, this is Frieda’s favorite place to sit.  Lenore and Red stand at the back door waiting to be let  in the house, but from the first day we moved here, Frieda found her place in the sun by the big maple tree.   I brought Frieda into my studio with me this morning, but as soon as I sat down to make the piece to give away in the contest tomorrow, Frieda was at the door.   I knew where she wanted to be.

6 thoughts on “Out My Window, By The Big Maple Tree

  1. I saw the picture of the snake you found in the kitchen; I wonder what Freida and the others would have done if they had seen it.
    Snakes are wonderful in many ways. I always wanted to have one in my classroom, but didn’t enjoy the thought of feeding them live mice!!!!!
    When I was about ten years old, I went away to camp for six weeks. I was a member of the science club and we had a pet king snake named Henry. He was wonderful. We could hold him and watch him to our heart’s content. When he died our couselor helped us skin him so that we would always have a little piece of our pet. I suppose others might think that is awful, but the experience helped me develop a love of nature and the out of doors. My youngest Sheltie is named Henry. I bet you can guess who he is named after.
    Have a wonderful day. I hope your snake is safe. What kind do you think he is?

    1. Another great story Jane. And I think you’re right, not everyone would want a piece of their pet. Although lots of us save some hair or feather etc. Not much of a difference really. I think it was a milk snake. They’re as common as garter snakes around here.

  2. Thank you for appreciating my stories. I’m flattered as I consider you a talent in so many areas. That picture of Freida is one of calm and focus. She always appears so alert, yet she seems to be resting.
    It is a blessing to have so many animals to love, to watch and to learn from. Unconditional love, how wonderful that is.
    Today I dropped a cup of coffee, and all Kerry was concerned about was me, not the coffee or cup on the floor. I didn’t want her to get wet, or hurt from cup splinters, so I kept shooing her away. She didn’t want to leave me until we had a cuddle. She is so sensitive and sweet with us. That’s it; unconditional love. Have a wonderful day.

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