Common Thread Give-a-way, Today

Connecting Tree
Connecting Tree Pillow

This month’s giveaway is my pillow, Connecting Tree.  It’s about 12″x 11″ and is stuffed with Kapok.   All you have to do to try and win it is leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll pick a winner randomly and announce who it is on Thursday morning.

In case you’re new to the Common Thread Give-a-way, it happens on the first Monday of every month. (except for this month because I was on vacation last week)   There are five of us artists who participate and each month one of us gives a piece of our work away.   Next month I think it’s Nancy’s turn again,  she makes lampwork bead jewelry (I’m wearing a pair of her earrings today) and you can see some of her work on her website  Or maybe I’ve got that wrong and it’s Kim’s turn.  Last time she gave away one of her photo collages on her website  (And even if you don’t want to enter the contest, check out the  collage on Kim’s site today,  it made me laugh.)   I know it’s not Jane’s turn because just after Christmas she gave away one of her gorgeous pincushions.  She’s always got lots of new stuff brewing on her site  And I’m very sure it’s not Jon’s turn.  Last month he gave away a photo of our chickens Fran and Meg at

So come back the first Monday of each month to any one of our websites and see what you have the chance of winning.  Good Luck!


129 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-a-way, Today

  1. Maria, how wonderful!!! I like the branches reaching out!!! I would be so lucky if it came to live with me!!
    I hope the dark cloud lifts and you have a wonderful day!

  2. Maria – Another lovely pillow! I would love to enjoy it in my home so please enter my name in your drawing. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  3. Very nice pillow…I really like the tree and the lotus. We will be adding a master suite on to a 1920’s farmhouse this spring((if that ever comes!) and would love to add this to the design.

  4. Lovely is as lovely does and YOU are one of the Lovlies! I would love to give this to Linda because she is a lovely good woman.

  5. Love, love, love the lotus beneath the tree. Thank you for the opportunity- whether I get it or not I just love looking at it.

  6. I am always so impressed with the simplicity of your art and just how much it expresses. This one is no exception. Lovely,lovely work. It is joy to look at

  7. Lovely unique work. I am slowly learning to return more often to your website – i purchased one of your potholders a month or so ago which now is very dear to me. Between you and Jon, whose photos land in my inbox daily, I am in artistic heaven. His simple artwork on the iPad is amazing – he should make note cards of/from the drawings and sell them . . .

  8. Hi Maria,

    I just sent you an email because I wasn’t sure how to leave a comment~I am such a techno dinosaur sometimes! 🙂

    Your cosmic tree pillow is beautiful!!!!

  9. Maria, the pillow is lovely and it would make a perfect gift for my mom if I won. Thank you for giving us this opportunity, and I look forward to seeing your next beautiful creations!

  10. Ah, a tree pillow. Now that I really like. But if I win it I will not be able to send you a cute photo of my dog sitting beside it because my dog would probably want to chew the pillow. Cannot wait until she outgrows this stage! It’s a simple design made more complex by the stitching on the tree. Did I mention that I like it? Very nice! (Hope you are in a “lighter place” by now.)

  11. Very beautiful. My impresson of your pattern is that the tree branches are reaching upwards to the sky to connect with the stars. Like someone reaching out to embrace the world.

  12. Wow. 126 comments. Doing some isolating lately. (not good) Count me in to enter if I’m not too late. 🙂

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