Is it a lion
Was That A Lion Or A Poodle

I was in a dark place when I woke up this morning.  Haunted by dreams I didn’t remember.  I found four pieces of coal bunched together in the wood shed.  They must have been there for years, I must have stepped over them hundreds of times since we moved in, but I never saw them before.  I picked one up rubbing it between my hands, making it shine.  Like black candles are supposed to do, I thought it might absorb the the darkness inside of me.  I put it on the window in my studio.

I was glad to have my Lion/Poodle pillow to work on.  I  designed it on Friday and today would be good for sewing it all together.  I changed one thing on it, putting a tiger head above the butterfly in the top right corner.  Maybe it was because we saw The Life of Pi this weekend, or maybe because of the picture of the  Tibetan Tiger Rug on my desk or maybe it was just how I was feeling.

I looked at it when the appliques were all sewn on and decided it needed a border, a floppy edge.  When I laid the blue and gold fabric around it, I shook my head and said out loud, “That is gorgeous.”   Am I allowed to say that about my own work?  Well, I did, and I meant it.  I just thought it was gorgeous.

There was, and is, still a dark cloud hovering just behind my eyes, but it doesn’t seem to matter as much as it did this morning.  And I made a gorgeous pillow, so what difference does it make.

Was That A Lion Of A Poodle is $85 + $10 shipping.  I think it may be sold already, but if it isn’t, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Before it was a pillow
Before it was a pillow

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12 thoughts on “Lion?Poodle?Tiger?

  1. Maria, your colours positively sing on this dreary day in March in Ontario, Canada. Maybe in seeking to remove the darkness that descended upon you this morning, you reached for the richest colours possible.
    Sandy P, in Canada

  2. It is gorgeous– even before I got to that point in your post, when I looked at the picture, I thought, “That is beautiful!”

  3. Stunning composition and selection of fabrics/colors. The paisley corners and that tiny purple bouquet near the center against the vibrant orange is particularly sweet…

  4. A beautiful piece, Maria…Sometimes real beauty comes out of a dark place. Glad you let it shine. These two fabrics/patterns really make the pillow.

  5. ya know…it really reminds me of the exquisite colors in the Life of Pi; absolutely gorgeous!

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