A Guy Thing?

Jon and Simon in the pasture
Jon and Simon in the pasture

Yesterday, while sheep herding, the donkeys came over for some attention.   Although Simon loves to snuggle and be scratched or brushed by almost anyone, he an Jon have a special connection.  Maybe it’s a guy thing, but they seem to pay attention to each other in a particular way.  Simon listens to Jon when he won’t listen to anyone else (like when the farrier comes) and I think Jon connects to a part of Simon that is hidden from the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “A Guy Thing?

  1. That is so sweet. I’m grateful for you and Jon both. Your messages and photos are little presents I enjoy throughout my workday. I have two calico girl cats and grew up with a huge group of affectionate barn cats, so I love the posts on the Flo and Minnie. Wishing you both well.

  2. I love your picture of Jon and Simon, with your farm and home in the background. It certainly captures the essence of their relationship. Your new pink and green floral quilt is just beautiful!!! Annie

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