Poodle Balance…. All Done

poodle balance done 2

In a way, this pillow is about the imbalance of balance. That balance only occurs for moments before it has to be reworked to achieve balance again.  Balance is a thing of motion, not something that is achieved once but something that occurs again and again.

I believe this pillow is sold.

6 thoughts on “Poodle Balance…. All Done

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful piece of art. Everything you do seems new and innovative and better than the piece before, which seems almost impossible because each piece is so lovely in and of itself. It’s just you’re always growing. Love the idea behind this, too.

  2. This message got me thinking Maria…how it is ok to be in a fluctuating state of balance, more natural than the thought of working to achieve balance in our lives..because when we feel balanced and then fall, it feels like a failure, and it shouldn’t. Beautiful pillow.

  3. I concur with Kim. What is amazing is the many ways and directions your art evolves. You never stay with only one particualar style or way of doing something. Elements may be the same but your art stays fresh and evolving (and like Kim says all your art is lovely) but often there is the unexpected, the new point of view. I am grateful you share it all with us.

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