Keeping My Sewing Machine Close to Home

Jackie at Heirloom Sewing
Jackie at Heirloom Sewing and my Sewing Machine on the floor.

Jackie said she didn’t think I’d be picking up my sewing machine tomorrow because there was a big snow storm coming.  She already cancelled  her sewing classes for tomorrow.  It usually takes a week to have a machine fixed at Heirloom Sewing in Glens Falls NY, but  when I let Jackie know I used my machine almost every day, we worked it out so I could have it back the next day.  (unless, of course, there’s a snow storm).  I’ve really come to appreciate this sewing shop.   When we moved I looked for a sewing machine shop that was closer to the new farm, but they all seem to send the machines to a warehouse in New Jersey to be fixed.  I like to keep my machine closer to home and Jackie does a great job doing all the work on the machines herself,  as well as being really helpful and understanding.

So hopefully I’ll have my machine back by Wednesday.  The automatic thread cutter stopped working last Thursday and it’s impossible for me to use the free motion part of the machine without it.  (It ties off the thread as well as cuts it).  So for the next couple of days I’ll use my 25 year old Singer to finish my Wild Geranium Quilt.  As long as I can make it through the snow to my studio.  So much for Spring.

Lenore has become my ride along dog when ever I go somewhere.  She sits in the back and never complains.
Lenore has become my “ride along dog” when ever I go somewhere. She sits in the back and never complains.

7 thoughts on “Keeping My Sewing Machine Close to Home

  1. I am quite taken with your ride along gal, Lenore. what a great pic of her! It rocks to have a woman repairing your machine. Weather here in MN is Not Spring. We are suppose to be down to 0 tonight. Peace to you and many blessings.

  2. How odd that so many people ship their sewing machines to a warehouse in, of all places, New Jersey to be fixed! I hope your snow storm is quick and mild, as snow storms go. It is snowing here in New Jersey, and even my students are sick of winter!

  3. Sounds like you need to upgrade to a Husqvarna Viking. When I was in HS, I was amazed how much stuff you could get jammed in a Viking and the thing still worked.

  4. How great it is to have a wonderful “ride along dog!” She looks so comfortable. I know she is a loving companion. You are fortunate to have her and the others too.
    Sewing was never my forte. In junior high we had to take cooking and sewing. I excelled at cooking(and eating too), but sewing was never for me. A gymbag that was supposed to take five weeks, took me fifteen.
    That made me behind in completing my apron. I never failed, but to this day, I’d rather be in the kitchen. I applaud your talent with your sewing machine. When I was in college as a theater arts major, I was not allowed to work on the costumes because I couldn’t make a straight line with the sewing machine. As a result, all of the costumes were beautiful because I was banned from that task.
    Maria, your pictures of the white chicken in the snow could make a fipbook if they were put together in a little stack and flipped; they’d move. Sounds like fun. Try it sometime. I did it once with flowers I had drawn; you’d enjoy it.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Maria, I love the fact that you do not like to cook. I understand that Jon loves, and excells in that. What a great combo. You sew and create art. He cooks, writes, and takes photographs. You two are a perfect match in this universe of ours. How fortunate that you found each other. I respect and appreciate the talents that you both share.
    Stay warm today and enjoy life.

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