Wild Geraniums…Front and Back

wild geranium

I just had to sew that one strip of pink at the top of the quilt to finish piecing the front of it together.  Then I got the back pieced together too.  Found the perfect pink and white checked  flannel, then added the green calico  and pink floral .  The backs of the quilts can be just as much fun to design as the fronts.  I love the simplicity that comes from the big pieces of fabric.

The back of Wild Geranium hanging on the wall.
The back of Wild Geranium hanging on the wall.

9 thoughts on “Wild Geraniums…Front and Back

  1. I love this one Maria. It makes me smile. I think it must be the pink. I must love the color more than I realize. I am always amazed when you do the photos because the quilts are such a surprise. You do it every time. Thanks for the lift to my day.

  2. I love this one, Maria. My ‘Maria quilt’ is coming along…I, too have it hanging up on the wall of my sewing room. Lots of fun! ~Robin

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