Flowers On My Feet

Jackie's granddaughter
Jackie’s granddaughter with my potholder “Flowers on her feet”

Yesterday, Jackie sent me this  beautiful photo of her granddaughter (with the best smile) and wrote:  “Inspired by your potholder, my five year old granddaughter wanted to dance outside today “with flowers on her feet.”  Unfortunately, it was too cold for her granddaughter to kick off her boots, so she made plans to dance, with flowers on her feet, when it gets warmer.

Well, this makes my day.

3 thoughts on “Flowers On My Feet

  1. so sweet – I can see how your potholder would spark a little girl’s imagination, she does have a great smile!

  2. I just noticed although she diidn’t have a “”heart in her hand” she had them on her boots! She will have so much fun seeing her picture with the dancer potholder!

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