It’s good to have my machine back

Signing Wild Geranium
Signing “Wild Geranium”

It’s good to have my sewing machine back.  There was nothing wrong with the tread cutter, the problem was that my machine needed to be cleaned.  It’s been five months since the last cleaning, (and I do a limited cleaning every week) but I guess I have  to have it cleaned three times a year instead of two.   I’m glad that’s all it was.   I did some practice sewing before working on  “Wild Geranium”.  When my machine’s  been in the shop for a couple of days, I need to readjust to it’s rhythm  again.   This doesn’t happen after the weekend, maybe, when I don’t have it on the weekdays,  I’m  anxious to get to work and I tend to rush things.  So I sewed lots of swirls and loops until me an my machine were back in sync.

I’ve really come to appreciate Jackie at  Heirloom Sewing in Glens Falls.  After two years of going to her shop, today was the first time we had a real conversation beyond the business of my sewing machine.  I found out today  that Jackie owns the shop, which, beyond the great service, makes me never want to go anyplace else.  I don’t know what made me open up to her today, but I do know why I didn’t in the past.  I was intimidated by her and didn’t want to show my untraditional quilting to someone who was obviously an expert at what she does.     But, this morning when Jackie asked if I belonged a group of quilters in Saratoga, I easily said, “No, I don’t belong to any groups”.   In the past I would have questioned myself, thinking belonging to a group would give me legitimacy.   So for me, this was more than just a simple question, it was an opportunity for me to realize that I had changed.  That I’m no longer looking outside of myself for approval.  And I have to say, it felt good.

I gave Jackie my card so she could go on my website and see the photo I put up of her on Monday.   It’s nice to know she’s there, running her shop and doing her good work.  Someone I can trust to work on  my machine and answer my questions.    And, she has a cute shop dog too, next time I’ll get his picture.

2 thoughts on “It’s good to have my machine back

  1. Great message Maria. Written so beautifully. Changing,growing and getting stronger with the strength of our convictions is the best! Wait till you turn 50. It was like lightening struck! You’ll love it! The “I take no shit from anyone” gene is fully formed and it feels sooo good!

  2. I would think since you already have a web presence that membership in a group is not needed. We all know that you march to the tune of a different drummer and don’t need the association of a band to accomplish the things that you are doing in your own right. So I would say that you are comfortable within yourself that what you do can stand on its own. We’re all here to applaud what you do, and give you praise.

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