Chicken Stories


This morning, I sat down at my sewing machine and found I had some chicken stories to tell.  I see these chickens everyday while I’m working and I guess they finally worked their way into my art.

Unafraid, Purple Hen ventured out on her own, tells the story of White Hen making her way to the wood shed in the snow, it is sold.


We had a big pile of wood delivered today and it was dumped right in front of the wood shed blocking the chickens in.  I thought it was brave of them just to come out in the snow, but then I watched them make their way over the wood pile, back into the snow.  Brave Chickens is my interpretation of that story.  It is sold.

chicken picnic

One of the chickens favorite places to hang out is under the pine tree in the back of the house.  They always seem to be having a picnic to me, eating bugs and laying around in the sun.  This one is called Chicken Picnic., it is sold.

two eggs

And it’s true, yesterday, we got two eggs, a white one and a brown one.  We had them for breakfast this morning.  I’m hopeful that today and tomorrow will be just like yesterday when it comes to eggs.  This one is called Two Eggs  it is sold.

I’ll be making these into potholders and selling them for $20 each + shipping.   They are all sold.  If you’re interested in any just let me know here or at [email protected].    I have a few more stories in my head that I’m planning on telling tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Chicken Stories

  1. Maria – Couldn’t get through to your full moon fiber art site, so thought I’d post. I’d love to have the 1st two chicken pot holders!!!!!!

  2. I’ve been waiting for chicken potholders, love these. I’d love to buy the “laid two eggs” one if it’s still available. Thanks.

  3. Oh my gosh Maria, I love these!! I have a neighbor friend’s birthday coming up in April and she loves chickens. Maybe you can save me a couple next time you make some?? These are absolutely adorable ~ can’t wait till Freida makes her way onto a potholder!!! :)Or Zelda or Simon …. look at all the ideas surrounding you!

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