Leslie’s Class and My Pillow

Two  Sewing Students from Leslie's Class and my pillow
Two Math and  Sewing Students from Leslie’s Class and my pillow

Leslie’s 6th grade class had  show and tell with my pillow Meeting my Higher Self.   Leslie said,” They smelled it (it smells good!), stroked it, squeezed it and more. We talked about the swirl stitches, your design, why I loved it.”

I told Leslie that I wished she could see my smile when I saw this picture.  Knowing that my work could touch 6th graders as well as their teacher makes me want to cry with joy and satisfaction. I want my work to speak to all kinds and ages of people, to connect to as many people as possible.  Seems like it’s beginning to happen.

10 thoughts on “Leslie’s Class and My Pillow

  1. Maria, You never what part of you or which of your actions, thoughts etc. are going to touch someone. Awesome, isn’t it!

  2. Oh Maria!! How WONDERFUL!! I so agree that having kids appreciate art is a special (and too rare) thing!! And your greaniun quilt is very beautiful!! Annie

  3. Both of these students sew. That is why I chose them, with permission from their parents, to model with the pillow they all admired.

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