Chris and Jon at Dish
Chris (who just looks very serious)  and Jon at Dish Bistro in Greenwich

Well, it may not look like we were seriously getting work done over lunch today with Chris from Mannix Marketing, but we did get a lot accomplished.   When Chris suggested I join Jon and him for lunch I agreed, not because I had thoughts about changing my website,  but because I know that new ideas always come from our meetings with Chris.

And it happened this time too, only indirectly.  I overheard a phone call between  Jon and Chris a few days ago and Jon was saying he wanted more color in his website (Jon always wants more color in everything)  And instantly, my head was filled with images of my website with the bright  pinks, greens, and yellows  and reds that have become my pallet.

When I first started my business and website,  five years ago, it was called YesNo Quilts.  The background for my blog was a photo of maroon velvet with carpet tacks poking through it.   I was a bit darker then.  After a couple of years I changed the name of my business to Full Moon Fiber Art to reflect where I was in my life and with my work.  I was no longer  thinking YesNo but YesYes.   I realized I was in the full moon of my life.  If I didn’t do what I wanted to do then, I would lose my chance and wain like the last phase of the moons cycle.   I told Chris what colors I liked and the graphics department at Mannix Marketing designed my new blog and header.  I loved it and  only made one change to their design, I asked them to put my beloved Studio Barn in the  mountainous full moon landscape.

And now I’ve changed again.  I  have a confidence and  belief in my self and work that I didn’t have before.   I know my art should be incorporated in the design of my website.    As I talked to Chis about it I began to see my new website in my head.  I saw the words, Full Moon Fiber Art the way I stitch and embroider words on my potholders and pillows.  I saw an Everyday Goddess, with hair like mine, wearing a dress and big lace-up boots, holding a full moon.  I saw a potholder that you can click on to buy my work. I saw Frieda and my School House Studio,  and I saw color, lots of bright color.

And now, I can’t wait to get started.  So at some point in the next month or so, when you come to my website, everything will be different.  But it won’t be like you won’t recognize it, it will have all the imagery and color of my quilts, pillows and potholders.   And of course I’ll be sharing the process.  Posting my ideas and designs and the changes I’ll  make to them so it’s just right.  It will be fun, I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. What fun! I love changing things around on my blog…but mine is just a teaching thoughts kind of blog, and it’s a bit limited in terms of graphics. I can’t wait for your big reveal, Maria!

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