Common Thread Lunch At Bedlam Farm

Jane's Heart Pins
Jane’s Heart Pins available on her website Little House Home Arts

Jane came with a bunch of her heart pins and told us each to pick one.   We all sat around the table our hearts on our sweaters and shirts.  The Common Thread Give-a-way group had never gotten together so we made plans a month in advance and on Saturday we had lunch.  Jon made his veggie pasta with a salad on the side.   We sat around for about three hours, talked about just about everything you could think of and had a really nice time.

We came up with the idea to have a give-a-way last August, as a way of connecting with our readers and introducing our readers to each others blogs.  It has been a success for all of us and for the winners of the contests too.   The give-a-ways always (unless we screw up, like I did this month) happen on the first Monday of the month.  This month it’s Nancy’s turn.  (Check out her website Spinning Glass Studio to see what you may have a chance to win)   And I do believe the first Monday in April is April Fools Day  (but trust me, we’re very serious when it comes to the give-a-way).  Here’s some photo’s of the Common Threaders and a photo of Kim’s photo collage Dogs Dancing at the Carousel.  Jon didn’t realize that both Izzy and Red were in the collage when he bought it.

Jon, Nancy and Kim
Jon, Nancy and Kim
Jane's husband Tom and Jane
Jane’s husband Tom and Jane
Kim's Photo Collage
Kim’s Photo Collage “Dogs Dancing at the Carousel”  You can buy this and Kim’s other collages on her website pugs n pics




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